SOAC Conference Proceedings and Powerpoint Presentations

Editors Foreword

Title: State of Australian Cities Conference 2013: Refereed Proceedings
Year of publication: 2013
Editors: Kristian Ruming, Bill Randolph and Nicole Gurran
Publisher: State of Australian Cities Research Network
ISBN: 1 74044 033 1

Editors’ Foreword

Ten years since the original State of Australian Cities (SOAC) conference, SOAC 2013 was the largest conference to date, with over 180 papers published as part of these proceedings. All papers presented at the SOAC 2013 and subsequently published as part of the proceedings have been subject to a double blind refereeing process. All papers have been reviewed by at least two referees. In particular, the review process assessed each paper in terms of its policy relevance and the contribution to the conceptual or empirical understanding of Australian cities. The review process ensured the highest academic standards. The Editors wish to thank referees and contributors for their efforts in responding to tight publication timelines. The breadth and quality of papers included as part of these proceedings is testament to the strength of Australian urban studies.

Kristian Ruming, Bill Randolph and Nicole Gurran
19 December 2013


Sufficiency of Employment Self-Sufficiency Targets in Reducing the Need to TravelPresentation
Sharon Biermann and Kirsten Martinus

Growth of the Creative Economy in Small Regional Cities: A case study of Bendigo - Presentation
Andrew Bishop and Sun Sheng Han

Selling Newcastle to the World, or to Newcastle? A case study of the official and unofficial rebranding of Newcastle, NSW
Laura Crommelin

The Role for the UPE Project in Australia
Kathryn Davidson

Canberra 2013 Planning and Urban Development Challenges at the Centenary of the National Capital
Karl Fischer and James Weirick

Airports as Development Generators: A reconnaissance of employment trends in the Sydney airport region 1996–2011Presentation
Robert Freestone and Andrew Tice

A City that Makes Things: Reconstituting manufacturing
Chris Gibson and Andrew Warren

The Devil is in the Detail: What’s behind manufacturing growth and decline in Melbourne, 2001–2011Presentation
Anthony Kent and Kathleen Hurley

Sydney’s Housing Markets During the GFC: How was globalisation mediated?Presentation
Heather MacDonald

What Impact does Workplace Accessibility Have on Housing Prices? Sydney 2006 – 2011Presentation
Heather MacDonald, Alan Peters, Natalya de Pooter, and Ji Yuan Yu

Property Tax Reform A contribution to housing affordability and challenges for government in Australia
Vince Mangioni

Accelerating Regional City Growth in Victoria: Evidence and policy approachesPresentation
Chris McDonald, Shishir Saxena and Vinnie Maharaj

Intra-metropolitan Housing Supply Elasticity in Australia: A spatial analysis of AdelaidePresentation
Ralph B. McLaughlin, Anthony Sorensen and Sonya Glavac

Road Costs Associated with Differing Forms of Urban Development
Martin Nichols

Adjustment to Retrenchment – A case of challenging the global economy in the suburbs?Presentation
Johannes Pieters

The Urban Boundary: An economic activity perspective of South-East QueenslandPresentation
Lavinia Poruschi

Why has Melbourne Closed the Gap on Sydney Since 2000?
Glen Searle and Kevin O’Connor

Waves of Suburban Economic Development: Outer Western Sydney’s next ridePresentation
Samantha Sharpe and Dustin Moore

Corporate Clustering in Australian Cities: An analysis of the geographic distribution of ASX-listed headquarters
Thomas Sigler

Master Planned Estates, Living Experience, and the Experience EconomyPresentation
Paul Smith

An Open-Source Tool for Identifying Industrial Clusters in a Data-Poor Environment
Sophie Sturup, Jennifer Day and Yiqun Chen

Tipped Off: Residential amenity and the changing distribution of household waste disposal in Melbourne - Presentation
Elizabeth Taylor

Liveable Housing Design: Who will take responsibility?Presentation
Margaret Ward, Jill Franz and Barbara Adkins

An Analysis of Commuting Patterns in Sydney, 2006–2011, Using Spatial Interaction Models
Martin Watts



Consolidation Policy and its Effects on the City
Patrick Troy AO

A tale of two cities – patterns of population growth and change in Sydney and MelbournePresentation
Simone Alexander

A Good Place to Raise a Family? Comparing parents’, service providers, and media perspectives of the inner and outer suburban areas of Melbourne
Fiona Andrews, Sarah Barter-Godfrey, Stephanie Rich, Ruth Klein & Julia Shelley

Acknowledging the Health Effects of Poor Quality Housing: Australia’s hidden fraction
Emma Baker, Laurence Lester, Andrew Beer, Kate Mason and Rebecca Bentley

How Common – Sex, malls,and urban parks
Spike Boydell

“We are a Family – It makes sense to live together”: Multigenerational households in Sydney and BrisbanePresentation
Hazel Easthope, Edgar Liu, Ian Burnley & Bruce Judd

If I Come Back in a Few Years and Nothing has Changed, I’ll be MAD!: Lessons in co-planning with children from the CATCH/iMATCH Citizen Kid’s Planning Group - Presentation
Andrea Cook, Carolyn Whitzman and Paul Tranter

Can I Touch This?
Melissa David and Mellini Sloan

How and Why does Community Opposition to Affordable Housing Development Escalate? ”Unsupported development” in Parramatta, NSW
Gethin Davison , Crystal Legacy, Edgar Liu, Ryan van den Nouwelant and Awais Piracha

Measuring Social Interaction and Community Cohesion in a High Density Urban Renewal Area: The case of Green SquarePresentation
Hazel Easthope and Nicole McNamara

The Role of Fun in City Centre Revitalisation Projects: Children and fountains
Claire Freeman

The Loss of Low Cost Coastal Holiday Accommodation – Causes, cases and consequences - Presentation
Helen Gilbert

Promoting Positive Aging: University campuses as a modelPresentation
Tracie Harvison

Measuring the Changing Face of Global SydneyPresentation
Richard Hu

Digital Suburbs? Some policy implications of greater domestic connectivity
Louise Johnson

Understanding Downsizing in Later Life and its Implications for Housing and Urban PolicyPresentation
Bruce Judd,  Edgar Liu, Hazel Easthope and Catherine Bridge

The Wander Years: Estate renewal, temporary relocation and place(lessness) in Bonnyrigg, NSWPresentation
Edgar Liu

Darwin After Dark: Illuminating suburban atmospheres
Michele Lobo

Integrated Planning for Healthy Communities: Does Victorian state legislation promote it?
Melanie Lowe,  Carolyn Whitzman and Billie Giles-Corti

Getting to Yes: Overcoming barriers to affordable family friendly housing in inner MelbournePresentation
Martel, A., Whitzman, C., Fincher, R., Lawther, P., Woodcock, I. and Tucker, D

Ethical & Political Consumption and Opportunities for Change in Australian Shopping Centre Design
Kirsty Mate

Vertical Mixed Use Communitie:A compact city model?
Iderlina Mateo-Babiano and Sébastien Darchen

Pedagogy of Oppressed Community Engagement: Socially inclusive visioning of sustainable urban regenerationPresentation
Helen Meikle and David Jones

Planning for Organized Sport in the Fringe Suburbs of Australia Cities: A case study of PerthPresentation
Garry Middle, Marian Tye, Diane Costello, Dave Hedgcock and Isaac Middle

The Yard goes on Forever: Community initiatives in maintaining and revitalizing local open space
David Nichols and Robert Freestone

New Housing Development at Hobsonville: Promoting and buying into a “natural” communityPresentation
Simon Opit and Robin Kearns

Developing a Typology of Socio-spatial Disadvantage in AustraliaPresentation
Hal Pawson and Shanaka Herath

Negotiating the Complexities of Redevelopment Through the Everyday Experiences of Residents: The incremental renewal of Bonnyrigg, SydneyPresentation
Simon Pinnegar

Sustainable Housing in Aged Care FacilitiesPresentation
Kate Ringvall and Julie Brunner

Perceptions of Place – Evaluating experiential qualities of streetscapes
John Rollo and Suzanne Barker

Predictors of Overall Living Satisfaction in Medium Density Housing: Results from a household surveyPresentation
Jeeva Sajan

Feeding the City – Food production on the fringe and within the urban area
Ian Sinclair

Can the Universal Concept of Community Policing be Applied in Different Jurisdictions?’ A cross comparative analysis of policing in Sydney, Bosnia and New York
Kenan Smajovic and Awais Piracha

Planning and Building Healthy CommunitiesPresentation
Susan Thompson, Emily Mitchell and Belinda Crawford

Who Lives in Retirement Villages; Are they wealthy enclaves, ghettos or connected communities?
Lois Towart

The Food Security of the Australian Capital Region
Rachael Wakefield-Rann and Robert Dybal

Rethinking Accessibility in Planning of Urban Open Space. Using an Integrative Theoretical Framework
Dong Wang, Iderlina Mateo-Babiano and Gregory Brown

Can Outer Suburbs Become 20 Minute Cities?Presentation
Carolyn Whitzman, Danita Tucker, Andrew Bishop, Andreanne Doyon, Cait Jones, Tamara Lowen and Elissa McMillan

Housing Affordability for Key Workers Employed in the City of Melbourne
Gareth Williams and Bethanie Finney

Producing Multicultural Belonging: The possibilities and discontents of local public spaces in suburban Sydney
Rebecca Williamson

Children’s Accounts of Confronting City Street Life: Can the inner city be truly child-friendly?
Karen Witten, Robin Kearns and Penelope Carroll

The role of streets within placemaking in cross-cultural contexts: case studies from Adelaide and Georgetown, Malaysia
Alpana Sivam and Sadasivam Karuppannan

Renewing Tonsley, Regenerating Adelaide – The making of Australia’s most competitive city
Megan Antcliff and Ingo Kumic


Creating a Liveable City – The role of ecosystem servicesPresentation
Phillip James Birtles, Jenna Hore, Michael Dean, Rebecca Hamilton, John Dahlenburg, Jo Ann Moore and Michele Bailey

Rooted: Planning and food security in Australian citiesPresentation
Paul Burton

Sustainability Through Community: Social capital in the inner urban eco-communityPresentation
Liam Cooper

Media Representations of Nature in the City
Kathryn Eyles

Climate change vulnerability and adaptation: voices from the community services sector in VictoriaPresentation
Hartmut Fϋnfgeld,  Alianne Rance,  Philip Wallis,  Sophie Millin, Karyn Bosomworth and Kate Lonsdale

Six Million in Melbourne or a Network of Sustainable Midi-Cities? – A thought experiment
R.J. Fuller and L. Trygg

Green Resources in an Urbanising Sea Change LandscapePresentation
Renee Fulton

Comparing Food Efficient Design and Planning of Built Environments in Sydney and MiamiPresentation
Sumita Ghosh

Development and Trial of an Automated, Open Source Walkability Tool Through AURIN’s Open Source PortalPresentation
Billie Giles-Corti, Gus Macaulay, Nick Middleton, Bryan Boruff, Carolyn Whitzman, Fiona Bull, Iain Butterworth,Hannah Badland,Suzanne Mavoa,Rebecca Roberts and Hayley Christian

A New Way of Living with Nature? Zones of friction and traction in Nangari Vineyard Estate, South West Sydney
Charles Gillon

Comparing Local Government Adaptation Responses to Climate Change in Australia and SwedenPresentation
Leigh Glover and Mikael Granberg

Slip Sliding Away: Auckland’s response to the political erosion of climate change mitigation initiatives
Julia Harker, Patricia Austin, Megan Howell, Stephen-Knight Lenihan and Prue Taylor

The Wicked Muse: Partnering creative practice, local communities and sustainabilityPresentation
Viveka Hocking

The Paradox of Paradise:  Declining government responses  to the increasing risks of climate change for the Gold CoastPresentation
Michael Howes and Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes

Beyond Birdies – Enhancing biodiversity on urban golf coursesPresentation
Brent Jacobs, Louise Boronyak, Nicholas Mikhailovich, Jeanie Muspratt

The Power to Save: An equity analysis of the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive in MelbournePresentation
Victoria Johnson and Damian Sullivan

Decision Making in the Face of the Rising TidePresentation
Kellett J, Balston J, Li S, Wells G and Western M

Finding Appropriate Participation in Urban Planning for Reduction of Disaster Risks
Maria Kornakova and Alan March

Mapping CO2 Emission from Commuting in Regional Australia
Simone Leao and Alan March

Towards a Resilient Sydney’ – Climate change adaptation planning for SydneyPresentation
Christopher Lee, Norma Shankie-Williams and David Mitchell

Urban Structure and Evacuation Times in a City Fringe Bushfire: Modelling three scenarios in Bendigo, Victoria
Jorge Leon and Alan March

Towards a Greater Understanding of Healthy Food Accessibility in Melbourne: Part II
Margalit Levin and Yiqun Chen

Urban Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction: Establishing second wave criteria
Alan March and Jorge Leon

Doing Adaptation Differently? Does Neoliberalism Influence adaptation planning in QueenslandPresentation
Lachlan McClure and Douglas Baker

A Tale of Two Cities: Sydney and Melbourne’s growth strategies and the flawed city-centric approach
Paul McFarland

Sustainability, Vulnerability, Resilience and Change: The efficacy of comparative urban metrics for city development in AustraliaPresentation
Phil McManus

Low Carbon Urban Transitions: A Melbourne case studyPresentation
Susie Moloney and Ralph Horne

The Importance of House Size in the Pursuit of Low Carbon HousingPresentation
Trivess Moore, Stephen Clune and John Morrissey

Industry Constructions of Waste in Building Life-Cycles: Zero waste and beyond?Presentation
Jasmine Palmer, Lou Wilson, Stephen Pullen, Keri Chiveralls, Jian Zou and George Zillante

Uniting Urban Agriculture and Stormwater Management: The example of the ‘vegetable raingarden’
Paul Richards

You Can Kiss my Yasi – Recovering in time compression
Serrao-Neumann, S., Crick, F. and Low Choy, D

Changing Water Values in Urban Waterway Naturalisation: Findings from a Sydney case studyPresentation
Jacqueline Soars and Fiona Miller

Integrated ETWW Demand Forecasting and Scenario Planning for Precincts (ETWW: energy, transport, waste and water)Presentation
Michael Taylor

A Review of International Low Carbon Precincts to Identify Pathways for Mainstreaming Sustainable Urbanism in Australia
Thomson G, Matan A and Newman P

Ecosystem Guidelines for the Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems of the Georges River Catchment: A method applicable to the Sydney BasinPresentation
Carl Tippler, Ian. Wright, Peter Davies and Alison Hanlon

Visions and Pathways for Low-to Zero Carbon Urban Living – Australia 2050
Paul Twomey and Chris Ryan

Low Carbon Residential Refurbishments in Australia: Progress and prospectsPresentation
Nicola Willand and Ralph Horne

Carbon Mitigation Actions by Peri-urban and Regional Cities in QueenslandPresentation
Heather Zeppel

Assessing Household Energy Consumption in Adelaide and Melbourne
Sadasivam Karuppannan and Sun Sheng Han


Urban Form and Design Outcomes of Heritage Planning Policies in Inner MelbournePresentation
Robyn Clinch

City Without a Plan:  How the Gold Coast was shaped
Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes

Re-assembling the Car-dependent City: Transit – oriented intensification in Melbourne
Kim Dovey,  Ian Woodcock, Shane Murray and Lee-Ann Khor

Activity Corridor Intensification in Perth and the role of Design Based Research
Anthony Duckworth-Smith

Working with Housing Variance to Model Urban Growth Futures within Inner Metropolitan MelbournePresentation
Yolanda Esteban and John Rollo

GDP and City Population in the Development Performance of City StructuresPresentation
Michelle Leong Glastris

Shaping Modern Cities: Structural continuity and change in Carlton, Melbourne 1870-1970Presentation
Lucy Groenhart, Gavin Wood and Joe Hurley

Don’t be so Dense: Measuring urban structure and formPresentation
Michael Grosvenor

Future Intensive: Obstacles and opportunities to achieving compact urban form in Auckland
Errol Haarhoff, Lee Beattie, Jenny Dixon, Ann Dupuis, Penny Lysnar and Laurence Murphy

Connecting Transit with Urban Development to Achieve 21st Century Goals for Perth
Cole Hendrigan

From Disparate Association to Planning Doxa
Jean Hillier

The sustainable design of Water’s Edge Public Spaces in the Asia Pacific region: smaller scale Australian examples and case studies in Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore
Mabel John, Steffen Lehmann and Alpana Sivam

Reinventing Jillong: Current regeneration initiatives challenging the identity and place of GeelongPresentation
David Jones and Helen Meikle

Planning Community Infrastructure in a Fast Changing Urban Environment: Measuring the social outcomes
Kate Kerkin

New Urban Territories: Spatial assemblies for the 20-minute city
Lee-Anne Khor, Shane Murray, Kim Dovey, Ian Woodcock, Rutger Pasman

Nothing Gained by Only Counting Dwellings per Hectare: A hundred years of confusing urban densities
Elek Pafka

Infill Design Opportunities
Lee-Anne Khor, Byron Meyer, Nigel Bertram, Shane Murray and Diego Ramirez-Lovering

From Hope to Productivity: The funding crisis in the NSW heritage sectorPresentation
Paul Rappoport and Robert Freestone

Street Network Analysis for Understanding Typology in Cities: Case study on Sydney CBD and suburbs
Somwrita Sarkar

Teleworking and Spatial Trends in Australian Cities: A critical review of current literaturePresentation
Abbas Shieh and Glen Searle

Modelling as Alchemy? Reflections from a PSS developer on the politics of land use modelsPresentation
Regan Solomon

Public Use Zone: A new paradigm for suburban rail station design for Australian cities
Simon Wollan and Ian Woodcock

Coding for Corridors: Prospects for tram corridor intensification in Melbourne
Ian Woodcock, Kim Dovey, Lucinda Pike, Elek Pafka, Shane Murray, Lee-Anne Khor, Rutger Pasman and Tom Morgan



We Don’t Have Access to That’: Social mix and the right to the cityPresentation
Kathy Arthurson, Iris Levin and Anna Ziersch

Housing Affordability in Auckland: Looking behind the rhetoricPresentation
Patricia Austin

Advancing Community Engagement Practice for Strategic Urban Planning: Learning from allied and remote disciplinesPresentation
Suzanne Barker

Arbitrating Relatively Good Design: The aesthetic governance of Australia’s cities
Chris Beer

Embedding Urban Growth Modelling in Planning PracticePresentation
Andre Brits

Melbourne’s North and West Metropolitan Regional Management Forum: Building community capacity through the Regional Health and Wellbeing Implementation Strategy - Presentation
Iain Butterworth

Examining Three Planning Pathways in the Mediation of Resident Opposition to Compact CityPresentation
Nicole Cook, Joe Hurley and Elizabeth Taylor

The Ethical Dilemmas of Local Government Planners in Western Australia.
Tim Perkins and Julie Crews

The Dynamic of Climate Change Policy in a Multi-level Governance Environment.
Anne Dansey

Streamlining the Planning Process and Supporting Local Identity and Character – Can the two exist?Presentation
Peter Davies  and Neil Selmon

Federal Policy for Australia’s Cities: The 2011 National Urban Policy in historical and comparative perspective
Jago Dodson

System and Strategy: Recent trends in governance and planning systems in AustraliaPresentation
Michael Buxton, Lucy Groenhart

Certainty and Outcomes: Some local planning illusionsPresentation
David Fingland

Governance of Public Land Acquisition for Regional Open Space in Perth and Sydney
Neil Foley, Peter Williams

Finding Solutions to the Commonwealth’s Regulation Gap
Laura Goh

Simpler, Faster, Cheaper? Australia’s urban aspirations and the planning reform agendasPresentation
Robin Goodman, Paul Maginn, Nicole Gurran and Kristian Ruming

Climate Justice in the Australian City
Jean Hillier, Diana MacCallum, Wendy Steele, Donna Houston and Jason Byrne

Governance in Local Government University Partnerships:  Smart, local and connected?Presentation
Richard Howitt

Spinning the Wheel: Examining decision making process and outcomes in development assessment
Brendan McRae and Joe Hurley

I Think Planning is About Chipping Away at Stuff: The voices and activities of public service planners working in MelbournePresentation
John Jackson

Understanding the Role and Expectations of Local Government Planners in the Contemporary Political Environment: A South Australian perspective
Anna Leditschke, Rowena Butland and Matthew W. Rofe

Democratic Infrastructure?  Delivering affordable housing under Australia’s social housing initiativePresentation
Crystal Legacy, Gethin Davison, Edgar Liu, Ryan van den Nouwelant, Awais Piracha

Developing Effective Urban Open Space Policies Using Excludability, Rivalry and Devolved Governance
Andrew MacKenzie, Leonie J. Pearson and Craig J Pearson

Governing Carbon in the Australian City: Local government responsesPresentation
Pauline McGuirk, Robyn Dowling and Harriet Bulkeley

Cornerstone or Rhinestone: The fate of strategic planning in the post-political age
David Mitchell

Community Relations and Community Governance around Condominium Living: Towards a collaborative approach to condominium law reform and urban vitality
Clare Mouat, Rebecca Leshinsky

Governance Performance in Multi-Scalar Large Institutional Networks: Evaluating transport institutions in Australia’s metropolises
Michael Neuman, Nicholas Low, Carey Curtis, Michael Taylor, Glen Searle

Empowering the Professional Judgement of Planners: A study of Australian discretion in international comparison
Marsita Omar and Alan March

Comparative Policy Analysis in Australian Water and Electricity Demand ManagementPresentation
Walter Reinhardt

Higher Density Development in Sydney: Public perception and policy awarenessPresentation
Kristian Ruming

The Influence of Neoliberalism in the Context of Population Decline: An analysis of planning strategies in Broken Hill, NSW
Laura Schatz

Public Housing Estate Redevelopments in Australian Inner Cities and the Meanings of Social Mix
Kate Shaw

Contested Decision Making in Commemorative Planning and Regulation
Quentin Stevens, Karen Franck and SueAnne Ware

Plan Melbourne: A Critique and a Review of Its Implications for Housing
Richard Tomlinson

Web Based Communication and Online Social Networking in the NSW Planning System 2Presentation
Wayne Williamson



Towards the  Socioeconomic Patterns of the National Broadband Network Rollout in Australia
Tooran Alizadeh

The Role of Adelaide’s Transit Oriented Developments Towards Creating a Low Carbon Transit Future City
Andrew Allan

Access, Health and Independence: Walkability and children’s quality of lifePresentation
Courtney Babb and Carey Curtis

Are Master-planned New Urbanist Suburbs a ‘Solution’ for Sustainable Travel to Schools? Comparing children’s travel in select Australian primary schools
Matthew Burke, Carey Curtis, Carolyn Whitzman, Paul Tranter, Christine Armit and Mitch Duncan

Lifting the Barriers: Planning for increased mobility and accessibility through the Adelaide CBDPresentation
Rowena Butland and Madeleine Rains

The Challenges of Planning for Autonomous Mobility in Australia
Robyn Dowling and Jennifer Kent

Transitions to Independent Mobility Among Children and Young PeoplePresentation
Anne Hurni

Journey to Work Patterns in Regional Victoria - Presentation
Erwin Lagura and Christina Inbakaran

Private Car Use as Resistance to Alternative Transport: Automobility’s interminable appealPresentation
Jennifer Kent

Using Multi-modal Travel and Cost Analysis to Re-evaluate Transport Disadvantage for the Brisbane Metropolitan Area
Tiebei Li, Jago Dodson, Neil Sipe

Active Transport – Comparative analysis Melbourne - Presentation
David Mckenzie and Christina Inbakaran

Understanding Australian Parents’ Attitudes About their Children’s Travel Behaviour: Results from the CATCH and iMATCH projects
Farinaz Moghtaderi, Matthew Burke, Paul Tranter and Christine Armit

Critical Infrastructure in Australia
Jaime Olvera-Garcia, Wendy Steele,Emma Browne and Anne-Sophie Iotti

City Cycling at the Crossroads Can Australia learn from Northern Europe?Presentation
Warwick Pattinson abd Carolyn Whitzman

Smarter Ways to Change: Learning from innovative practice in road space reallocationPresentation
Helen Rowe

Improving Accessibility in Growing Australian CitiesPresentation
Jan Scheurer, Kristien Bell

The Impact of Shopping Centre Attributes on the Destination Preferences of Trip Makers in Brisbane
Maryam Shobeirinejad, Tim Veitech, Neil Sipe and Matthew Burke

Beyond Economicism: Challenging the concept of the Australian global city
Wendy Steele and Michele Acuto

Children’s Cycling for Transport in Selected Australian Urban Environments: Model shares and determinations of significance
Kala Wati, Matthew Burke, Neil Sipe and Jago Dodson

Effects of Raising Fuel  Price on Reduction of Household Trouble GHG Emissions: A case study of Sydney
Junjian Zhao, Alan Peters and Peter Rickwood