Apply for PHD Symposium

Submissions for the PhD Symposium is now fully subscribed

PhD candidates are to submit an abstract of 300 words regarding their research, which indicates the title, topic, research question, brief review of the issues, research design, methods, four key words, and what stage of their PhD student career they are in. The abstract and key words will assist organisers with matching students and mentors in small groups of 6-7 students.


PhD candidates close to graduation who attend the PhD Symposium are also welcome to attend the Early Career Researcher Workshop (held immediately after the conclusion of the PhD symposium). If you are interested in participating in both the ECR Workshop and the PhD Symposium, please tick the ‘Attend ECR workshop’ when submitting.


Abstracts will be accepted on a first come/first serve basis until capacity is filled.

To be added to the wait list,


There will be no charge to participants for attending the Symposium. Participants will need to meet their travel and accommodation costs if attending from outside the Gold Coast. Travel Grants will be available to inter-state participants who do not have access to other sources of funding. These details are asked when registering.