What is the weather like in Sydney?
Sydney’s climate is pleasantly moderate, and in November you can expect an average minimum of 15°C and a maximum of 26°C.

How do I get from the airport into the City?
There are a few transport options, please see additional information under GETTING THERE.

I have booked accommodation, how do I pay for this?
Your credit card details have been transferred to the hotel you have selected – please confirm this on check in with your hotel. Your credit card will not be charged until you check out. If you have arrived 24 hours later than your indicated arrival day you may find that you have forfeited your deposit. If you have any queries relating to your accommodation booking, please contact natalie@leishman-associates.com.au

How do I know if I am registered for a social function?
Tickets to the Welcome reception and Conference Dinner were included in each full registration. Additional tickets for both events can be purchased. After registering for the State of Australian Cities Conference you would have been emailed a Registration Confirmation which will include all social functions you have requested. If you require another copy please email jessica@leishman-associates.com.au

Can I bring a partner along to the social functions?
Yes you can, for an additional cost. Additional guest can be booked when you register online, or through the Leishman Associates office.

I have booked a pre or post conference tour – where do I go?
If you have booked a tour you will receive an individual email confirming your booking and pick up details.

I have special dietary requirements – Will I be served the correct food?
If you have advised the conference managers of any special dietary requirements, the caterers at each function have been told of these. A special table buffet will be set during the day for special diets, if you are unsure please see the staff at the registration desk. At social functions please remind the catering staff as they come to serve you of your requirements. It would be appreciated that if your dietary request relates to a life threatening allergy that you advise the organisers as soon as possible.

Is there security at the conference?
The members of the conference organising committee and Leishman Associates accept no liability for personal accident or loss or damage suffered by any participant, accompanying person, invited observer or any other person by whatever means. Neither do we accept liability for any equipment nor software brought to the conference by delegates, speakers, sponsors or any other party. Please protect your personal property. Do not leave laptops, cameras, and other valuable items unsecured. Be conscious of individuals who appear out of place and do not wear a conference name badge. Advise Leishman Associates Staff if this does occur.